New Bakers dog food advert premieres on TV

Hey there dog lovers, have you seen the new Bakers dog food advert on TV? It’s paw-some! I, as a dog lover and veterinarian, am always excited to see new products in the market. This advert is different from the usual ones that we see on TV. It’s colorful, catchy, and most importantly, it’s all about dogs!

The advert starts with a beautiful golden retriever running in a meadow, surrounded by flowers, and a blue sky. It’s a perfect day for a run! Then, the camera zooms in on the dog’s face, and we can see its tongue hanging out, panting heavily. It looks like it’s had a lot of fun running around. The voiceover says, «Let your dog be a dog,» and I couldn’t agree more. Dogs need exercise, playtime, and of course, good food!

Cut to the next scene, and we see a Jack Russell Terrier sitting in front of a bowl of Bakers dog food. The dog looks excited and ready to dig in. The camera then zooms in on the dog’s mouth as it takes a bite of the food. The crunch sound is audible, and it’s music to my ears. The voiceover says, «Bakers dog food, made with real meat and vegetables, for a happy and healthy dog.» This statement is accurate and truthful. As a veterinarian, I know that a healthy diet is essential for a dog’s well-being.

In the next scene, we see a German Shepherd running alongside its owner. They look happy, healthy, and in sync with each other. The voiceover says, «Bakers dog food, for dogs that love to be active.» This statement is also true. Dogs need to be active, and a good diet will give them the energy they need to keep up with their owners.

The advert ends with a beautiful shot of a group of dogs, of different breeds and sizes, running together in a park. It’s heartwarming and delightful to see. The voiceover says, «Bakers dog food, because your dog deserves the best.» And I couldn’t agree more.

Overall, this advert is excellent for dog owners who want the best for their furry friends. Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients in Bakers dog food and see if it’s suitable for your dog’s needs. As a veterinarian, I recommend Bakers dog food for its quality ingredients, and it’s a brand that I trust. So, go ahead and try it out, and let me know what you think. Woof woof!