Dogs and Jumping

It’s a natural thing for dogs to want to jump on their owners or other visitors to the house. In the canine world this is how they say hello to each other, as they will sniff each others’ faces. When they do this with humans and their owners, they are just seeking attention since they haven’t seen them and merely want to say hello to their human friends. Dogs love it when their owners pet them and in their world this is how they get the attention of who they are jumping on. While this is fine in dog terms, many humans don’t care for it and are put off by it. If you are having problems with your dog jumping, there are some things you can do to stop the behavior from happening to begin with.

Puppies are Quick Learners
The best way to start training a dog is when they are a puppy. It can certainly be hard when they are so cute and you just want to cuddle them, but it helps to think of how their behavior will be when they are doing the same thing as an adult dog. Starting to train them when they are little will ensure they act how you want when they are adult dogs.

dog jumping on people

I Want to Pet You but I Won’t…
Although it can be difficult, especially with puppies that are overexcited to see you when you get home, do not bend down to pet them. Do not look them in the face and keep your hands where they can’t reach them. As soon as you see their front paws stay on the floor, tell them good dog! and bend down to pet them. If they start to jump up again, do the same thing. Don’t look at them or acknowledge them until those front paws are down. It is important to immediately give the dog attention when the paws hit the floor. If you wait any time at all, they will get confused. This can be difficult to teach, but if you are consistent they will begin to understand over time. As with any trick or behavior, dogs respond best to consistent cues from their owners and with patience, your puppy or dog will be behaving exactly as you wish.

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