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General Dog Training

Dog training is an intense procedure of changing the behavior of a dog to make it suitable to be part of the domestic life of its owner. Training a dog is very important to [...]

Finding the Perfect Trainer

When you are looking for the perfect trainer, it’s important to think about several things. First, what kind of training do you want your dog to have? There are trainers [...]

A Training Diet for Your Dog

There are some people who think that if you give training treats to a dog they will become fat because they are eating their daily intake of food and also getting treats. [...]

Training Your Dog to Do Tricks

Training your dog to do tricks can not only be fun but rewarding. Before starting to teach him tricks, it’s important to first teach him basic commands such as sit, stay, [...]

What Do Dogs Fear?

To train a dog to become a well behaved dog you must understand what they are thinking. Dogs can become afraid of practically anything, they are just like humans. Fear [...]

Dog Basics Fоr Newbies

Bеfоrе starting dog training, it iѕ bеѕt thаt you, yourself, undеr gо whаt might bе called, “dog care training”…especially if уоu’vе nеvеr owned a [...]

Pet Socialization

In a perfect world, we could safeguard our dogs from negative, anxious and frightening situations. In the real world, we ought to help our dogs learn how to cope and respond, [...]

Benefits of Dog Training

Training your dog is something both of you do together, as a team, rather than something you do to your dog. When you and your dog interact, the two of you bond more closely, [...]

Training Mistakes – Talking

Another mistake people make when training puppies is to talk too much! Talking to much can cause confusion! The puppy doesn’t know our language it has to learn what we want [...]
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